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Oaxaca Lounger L Hammock

Oaxaca Lounger L Hammock
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Oaxaca Lounger L
Oaxaca Large Lounger Hammock in 100% natural undyed cotton. Single, 120 cm wide spreader bar. Comfy and easy to handle. 200KG weigh resistance. We combined the Mayan weaving technique with handcrafted high quality multicolor cotton canvas. The outcome, a unique design with superior comfort.

Weight: 3.1 Kg.
Hammock width: 1.47 Mt.
Hammock length: 2.25 Mt.
Hammock total length: 3.25 Mt.
Hanging distance: 3 Mt.
Spread bar: 1.2 Mt.
Soporta: 300 Kg.
Item no.: GLAS70142
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