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At Cielo Hammocks, we understand and appreciate where our hammocks and handicrafts come from and that is why your purchase is so important. With this in mind, we are committed to the social development of Mayan communities, especially women, who represent 90% of our network of WEAVERS, who work from home. Working from home allows them to earn wages, avoid the cost and time of a trip to work and take care of young children at home. The illiteracy rate is also very high and in some cases they only speak Mayan. This poses an important restriction for the commercialization of Mayan hammocks.

Our Award Winning Business concept is called SHE Network (Sustainable Holistic Empowerment Network) for Social Impact and Social Entrepreneurship. Our Sustainability comes from running a profitable hammock business. The Holistic component comes from the integrated approach of not limiting ourselves to provide just jobs but also act in other aspects to help improve their overall living conditions, we do this through our non-profit arm FUNDACION CIELO.  Empowerment comes with the economic independence that results from being lifted out of poverty. The Network represents the institutions that make this impact possible as well as each family of weavers and their communities. This fully integrated model creates a symbiotic relationship where we mutually benefit from improved living conditions of our weavers.

Southern Mexico is the most impoverished region of the country and we are committed to making a difference even if it is only for a few families. We are very proud of our effort and contribution to the improvement of our native region.

Please keep this in mind; Every time you buy a hammock, you contribute to the improvement of their lives.

Cielo   Fundation

Cielo Communities Foundation (Cielo Foundation - Fundación Cielo) is a non-profit registered in USA and Mexico.

Our vision is to alleviate poverty, promote gender equality and inspire social entrepreneurship that transforms society.  Our work, for now, is mainly focused on native Mayan communities in the Yucatan peninsula.

We strongly promote Education as a mean to advance society. We work closely with local government officials, NGO’s, Academic Institutions and the private sector to improve living conditions, generate sustainable job opportunities, promote formal education and environment conservation.

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