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Cielo Hammocks: A Meaningful Connection


Our Story

A Meaningful Connection:
More than 20 years ago, Kaj Ellegaard started selling the Mexican hammocks. The first year they were sold in Denmark and Norway via mail order sales. Subsequently, there were many exhibitions where everyone could try the unique Mexican hammocks and get a unique laid-back experience in a wonderfully comfortable Mexican net hammock. People were impressed. Internet sales became a reality and the enthusiasm was great. Today, hammocks are sold all over Europe.

A Meaningful Connection - Something new would see the light of day:
More than 5 years ago we were 3 people Josefina, Constantino and Kaj who decided to create something big. We took all our experience and knowledge with us. We had a lot of different talents and compencies in hammocks, and with that we could create something completely unique. There was a lot of work ahead of us.

It is today what has become to Cielo Hammocks!


Staff & Facilities

The most valuable asset for Cielo Hammocks is our team. Our team includes a full time staff of 22 people, trained and qualified to service our wholesale and retail customers across the globe. We have over a decade of experience shipping from 1 piece to 40-foot containers.

Our warehouse is fully stock to process orders of 10,000 hammocks at a time. We carry the largest variety of styles and colors and designs including Mayan, Canvas and Rope Hammocks. We are your ONE STOP HAMMOCK SHOP, for all hammock needs.

We have been recognized by the prestigious Lonely Planet guide as the most important hammock store in southern Mexico. Most importantly, we are the only hammock in the market that is Fair Trade Federation member and a B Crop

Come visit our HQ located in Merida Yucatan, and see for yourself how the most comfortable hammock in the world is made.

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