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Company profile
Tropical Hammocks has experience for over 20 years in designing and production of Hammocks in Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Brazil and Colombia.
In the first years they have been mainly sold in Scandinavia. Nowadays, Tropical Hammocks are sold all over the Europe. Always focused on ethical trade and fair trade principles, which means a big commitment with handweavers.
Our quality is in a top class never seen before. A feeling of a quality of living is always experienced in a hammock like ours. So, try and enjoy your Hammock!

Tropical Hammocks are Quality Approved!

Tropical is designed, ideas and controlled by Kaj Ellegaard

A Meaningful Connection - Something new would see the light of day:
More than 5 years ago we were 3 people Josefina, Constantino and Kaj who decided to create something big. We took all our experience and knowledge with us. We had a lot of different talents and compencies in hammocks, and with that we could create something completely unique. There was a lot of work ahead of us.

It is today what has become to Cielo Hammocks!
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