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Oso Surf Large Hammock

Surf hængekøje
Cielo hammocksSurf | Cielo Hammocks EuropeSurf hængekøje fra CieloSurf | Mexican Hammocks
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Colorful hammock in outdoor material so rain does not penetrate the material fiber.
Weight 1.4 kg
Hammock wide 2 meters
Hammock lying length 2 meters
Total length 4 meters
Max load. 300 kg.
Hammock that is ideal for two or more people. It is easy to pack and does not fill much. The hammock weight 1.4 kg. Suitable for trekking and backpack travel. Because it is a very light and perfect place both in nature and inndoor overnight stays. Perfect for interiors. A hammock that is very strong, comfortable and resistant to rain. Great mexicansk hammock from Cielo Hammocks Europe Brand.
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